Well-known boxing figure Bill Cayton's first professional involvement with boxing came through his now-legendary televised series of prize fight films called Greatest Fights of the Century. To create this series he set out to acquire films of historically significant fights from the "Golden Age of Boxing," amassing the world's greatest collection of fight films, featuring the greatest champions of all time. Over some fifty years he created some of the most exciting and memorable sports programs ever seen on television and movie screen.

Soon after creating Greatest Fights of the Century, Bill Cayton thought to expand the concept of competition from boxing to shows about animals struggling to survive in their natural habitat. Just as he scoured the globe for what became the world's biggest collection of fight films, he began searching for real-life authentic and dramatic animal films... and the JUNGLE series was born.

JUNGLE was such a success with children as well as adults that Bill Cayton decided to delve deeper into the children's market with quality animation. Together with noted anime figure Fred Ladd, he obtained thousands of hours of superb quality European animation, then edited and updated these for the U.S. market, adding English (and later, Spanish) language sound tracks and musical scores.

The first of these films were based on well-known stories and fairy tales by such authors as Rudyard Kipling, Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. The library expanded into full-length original features with a sci-fi bent: THE SPACE EXPLORERS, JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME, and others.

The updated films became tremendous successes in over 150 markets, not just in  the United States but around the world. Many were shown as theatrical releases as well as incredibly successful "cliff hanger" episodes on daytime and evening TV.

Bill Cayton, incidentally, was nominated for two academy awards for his documentary feature films.

The company he founded to produce and distribute these programs, Radio & Television Packagers, is now bringing these great programs back to the market.