Originally produced as theatrical features for weekend matinee showings and "cliffhanger" episodes on daytime TV, the Cartoon Classics were also enormous hits on cable TV and as video rentals.

While best remembered for such classics as The Space Explorers and Journey to the Beginning of Time, the Cartoon Classics include 18 of the world's best-loved classic fairy tales. 

The all-time favorites of Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, The Brothers Grimm, and Rudyard Kipling, each fairy tale is a classic that has stood the test of time.  Each is a gem in its own right.  These are the stories that tug heart strings, stir emotions, each with a moral that's as true today as when the story was written. (Place your mouse over the image(s) below for a description.)

The Frog Princess

The Frog PrincessDramatic story by Brothers Grimm of a princess turned to a frog by an evil wizard.
The Wild Swans

The Wild SwansHans Christian Andersen's own favorite story of the princess who risks love and life to save her eleven brothers from a terrible curse.
Wanda and the
Wicked Princess Wanda and the Wicked PrincessFrom the classic "Snowflake," the first fairy tale written in English, about twelve mystical brothers.
Beauty and
the Beast Beauty and the BeastStrange and classic tale of a lovely maiden who faces a vengeful monster.
Omar and the Ogres

Omar and the OgresRudyard Kipling's famous "jungle Book" tale of an indian lad helped by ferocious beasts.
The Tiny Oxen

The Tiny OxenWith magical power, two lovable marvels in miniature rescue their young master from harrowing escapades in this fuamous "jungle Book" tale.
The Fisherman
and the Fish The Fisherman and the FishAll-time Grimm favorite story of a poor fisherman and his greedy wife.
The Fire Bird

The Fire BirdDramatic and thrilling story of a young man who captures a magical bird.
The Woodcutter's Wish

The Woodcutter's WishColorful story of a handsome young woodcutter who dreams of marrying a princess.
The Magic Antelope The Magic AntelopeThe fascinating tale of a greedy rajah and an antelope that turns thin air into gold. And...

The Amazing GiftClassic tale of a young boy, endowed with extraordinary powers, who saves a tiny kingdom.

The Brave DucklingHans Christian Andersen's hearwarming story of a duckling's courageous fight.

The Enchanted PrincesThree brothers with magical powers outwit a wicked mandarin.

Gunnar the SailorA dream comes true as Gunnar becomes master of a schooner and sails across dangerous seas.

The Ice WitchThe adventures of a little boy eskimo and his sister as they rescue their mother from the ice witch.

The Strange CircusCircus act climaxes in a star performer being launched into outer space.

The Valiant KnightStory of a courageous knight whose bravery enables him to conquer a terrifying wizard.

Tale of the Northern
LightsAdventures of Princess Aurora and Prince Borealis. A delightful fantasy, unique production.