These are just a few of the great endorsements of CARTOON CLASSICS, SPACE EXPLORERS, and JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME.

American Museum of Natural History
"Thank you for letting us have your film, JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME... We all admired your film." <more>

Field Museum of Natural History
"Your JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME was a tremendous success..."<more>

Video Review

"These are riveting presentations..." <more>

WFLA Television
"When quality programming achieves dominant ratings, it's always a good idea to pass the word along...The first group of CARTOON CLASSICS we added to our 'Uncle Bruce' show has done an excellent job. I am enclosing our order for an additional 141 episodes..." <more>

WGN Continental Broadcasting Company

"CARTOON CLASSICS is easily the largest, and one of the finest, cartoon packages available today. JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME -- a brilliant series -- is still looked forward to by my audience every year...the fairy tales take a backseat to nothing..." <more>

"The remarkable success of CARTOON CLASSICS on WGR-TV is as gratifying to you as it is to me...In my entire experience, CARTOON CLASSICS are the only cartoons that produced letters of praise from parents, teachers, and even politicians..." <more>